Have anyone here tried the livestreaming feature yet?

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@selea Oh, is that available now? I looked at that a couple months ago, but AFAIK it wasn't yet implemented.

@nicooo @selea Ah, great!
I recorded some programming sessions at the time that I was looking to live stream; but wound up just savings the recording.

I'll have to give this a try soon!

@groovestomp @selea
Have you published those previous videos on a #peertube instance? :)
My experience with it was pretty great!

@nicooo @selea Not yet.That was the plan, but I got distracted. πŸ™‚

Oh wow! Didn't know this. Gonna check it out today!

@selea Yes is have set up a test instance for this feature and successfully streamed from an atem mini pro iso

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