Is there any similar services to NextDNS?
I am currently using it and I have realized that it is quite necessary to use it with a family of 5.

Is there any services that is similar to it?

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@charims @kaalki

I need to be able to reach it outside my network, and use DNS-over-TLS/HTTPS so I can configure my android phones to use it.

Also with automatic updates towards different lists (ads, malicious content, porn etc)

@selea @kaalki You should be able to host your own DNS resolver via AdGuard(and make it accessible to the internet). However, perhaps a managed service might be better. Have you looked into opendns at all?

It might be missing some of what you require though.

@selea D:
a local DNS that you then make available on the net? (just make sure you don't make it an open resolver)

@selea You can also just utilize your unbound instance to implement DNS based blocking:

@selea run pi-hole. Awesome bio btw. Made me laugh.


Great for a local network, not so great if you want to use it while outside your network and with phones.

@selea @sarvasana

What are your requirements for a DNS server/DNS service?

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