So I had a couple of users that registered on this instance a week ago, and suddenly they started to mark every email send from this instance as spam.
Since I am a member of outlook/hotmail SNDS o JRMP - I am getting reports of that as soon as emails from this instance is getting marked as junk.

I deleted their accounts from this instance, and thinking about blocking registration with hotmail, live and outlook at toghether.


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What would you admins/owner do in this situation?

Ofcourse, banning outlook, hotmail, live can seem quite extreme, but I have lost count how many times this have happened the last months.

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@selea Block it and be very clear about it when signing up. I blocked all new sign-ups to because so many had issues with their mail not reaching them (Gmail, Hotmail, etc), and also because many abused the server and the service and I got fed-up with that.

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@selea I think that鈥檇 be problematic for a 鈥済enerally available to anyone on the Internet鈥 instance. But for a more niche instance that warrants a higher bar for entry, I think it鈥檚 totally reasonable.

Besides, it鈥檚 not like you鈥檙e adding a barrier to entry for participating in the network itself. Your instance, your admin costs, your rules.

This could also be a way to help teach people where/how to better host their email, with a motivation to actually do so.

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@selea I strait up banned gmail so....

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