I wonder if I can run a minecraft server on a Power 9 system

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@selea I thought about doing this with my Power Macintosh G5. 😝

@selea Actually, no I haven't. I did do it with Minetest on that PMG5 running Debian sid/ppc64 a couple of years ago and it worked well, but my sons aren't crazy about Minetest.

I also thought you were being sarcastic with your original toot. πŸ˜…


I was not actually sarcastic with my original toot :P I have the opportunity to get a Talos Blackbird with Power 9, and was looking throu what uses it could have :P

@selea Ah! Well, it would definitely be an interesting project. I did consider this with my Power Mac G5, but given how much power it draws, it's not something I'd want to have running constantly. I'm sure Power 9 is WAY more power efficient than the PPC 970FX, so your experience might be better.

@selea I recently pulled out the PMG5 from storage and tried updating the installed Debian sid on it, but I borked it so I'll have to see how I get that up and running (and updated) again. There's a current Debian sid ISO for it, but it's unsupported (more of a niche community thing).


I do think that you can download Debian Jessie or Stretch, and then update to current release actually.

@selea I haven't tried that, but it would make sense.

@selea I showed Minetest to my daughter and she liked it. But she still play Minecraft too

@selea well if it can run Java, it should be able to run a Minecraft server with no problems πŸ˜€

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