I am looking for a particular kind of software, where a department can track the progress of QA testing of a certain physical product, and also be able to track issues for a particular product too.
All should be searchable with a serial number that the physical device has.

I dont know what that kind of software is called, and I dont know where to start searching for it either :P

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@selea That sounds like a regular old ticketing system. The same kind that tech support would use to track tech issues.


Yeah, I have checked a few like Kanbans - but they dont have a real search and stuff.
We need to keep track of tens of thousands of devices and keep it for decades

@selea That really sucks. Maybe a sqlite based application might best suit you, but finding it will be easier said than done.


Maybe, I'm not sure, you can use a Kanban for it, like Kanboard or other similar softwares.


I thought about it, but it would not be ideal actually. Since we manufacture tens of thousands of devices that we need to keep track of and keep the history for 7-10 years I think issue trackers can be used for that with custom fields like Redmine (I think it has this functionality built-in, but if not, there is a plugin for it, i used Redmine like 5ish years ago last time) or Bugzilla.


Not a bad idea actually, I already have Bugzilla up and running. Maybe that would work.

Sucks that it does not look good on phone thou :P

@selea perhaps build something simple with Django? Or do you want something existing?

@bjoreman @selea I'm haply when I've been able to do a decent PowerPoint these days 😉

@bjoreman @selea and apparently I'm having issues spelling short words 😁

@selea might be "product management software" as a starting point for searching it


I have since that toot, left that company. But Ill send it to my old colleagues

@selea Oops.. Sorry. I joined yesterday and still making myself acquainted with the platform :D

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