Holy shit @matrix ! What did you do with synapse 1.21.1?!
Memory consumption down with 60-80%!

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@selea @matrix Really want to upgrade but I fear it will completely reck my current installation.

@selea Can't remember. Probably with the help of some howto and a couple of non-standard repos.

@selea Packages I think. I need to have a closer look when I can find the time.

@selea I installed it from Git. Tried to update now and get this:
"error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout:"
and a long list of files.
And then it's aborted.

I seem to be running 3.0.1 atm.

@selea Duh. I was looking at Mastodon... I honestly don't know where to look for the version number of my current installation. Last time I tried to upgrade it and move it to FreeBSD at the same time it all went to hell. Maybe I should just get rid of it . I have no time for messing with all of this these days.


I think that you can install it via package-manager and just use the same homeserver.yaml file, keys and database :)

@selea I remember it now. The problem isn't Synapse, it's PostgreSQL. I installed it from a weird source onto CentOS 7 and the export tool for PostgreSQL 9 wasn't included. So I had to retrofit that and installed the one I could get installed which was PostgreSQL 11. Exporting with that really messes things up. It's all my fault and I should just burn it to the ground.

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