So I just opened the gates of hell, and I fucking feel good.
Lets hope that the fall is going to be big

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I just told my uncle about what kind of person my dad is,

Long story Short : I grew up in a cult.

A cult isn't a goth daydream where you play dress-up in a basement every second Friday while listening to death metal.

Try controlling and indoctrinating instead. Most of the time you wouldn't even know you are in a cult until your perspective shifts to that of an outsider's, and even if you did, the rest of the cult would use any sort of pressure to keep you shackled.
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@selea @mhamzahkhan ah I see. Not what I expected. Good thing you have been able to realize and bread free. Hopefully without causing too big of a rift between you and your family


Well, I got banished from my family three years ago, and that before I realized I was an atheist.

I have not spoken or seen my mom, and my 6 siblings since then.

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