@selea um, I don't know how most terminal commands work, what does this mean?


This is some rewrite rules on a website that I'll bring anyone using either an iPhone or iPad to


Instead of the website they where trying to visit

鉂 crop the image in five seconds
猸 spend five minutes fingerpainting 3/4 of the image
@hund @selea @brian

Why not just appreciate the humor instead of criticising how he did it
@hund maybe criticise was not the right term. But you and @brian seemed more concerned about how the post was created/posted than just appreciating the humor...


@mgrondin @brian @selea Brian's reply was humor. I'm not sure what my reply was. I just like giving Selea a heard time I guess.

@mgrondin yeah my post was just banter to yank @selea 's chain a little. Here, I've put my post in a more traditional meme image for clarity. In my original post I figured my use of emojis and meme format would make it clear that it was a soykafpost.
@brian @selea guess we both misinterpreted that. Sorry about that.

My defense is that I had not had enough coffee yet
@selea @brian on LineageOS I get an edit button in the notification for my screenshot, but also from the gallery I can edit an image and crop it.


Yeah, but I could not crop it more, it has a minimum size apparently.


@brian lolz

@:debian:饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殠饾殜:trisquel: Seriously though, if you block apple users you should definatelly do the same to chome users for exact same reasons.
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