@selea How did you find it?

I keep walking all around Prague and no beaches around ;-(

@finlaydag33k Not since 1959. We have Bo啪kov, where the motto is

"Lucky Caribbean snake,
'cause we anchor on a lake!"

Well, translated to rhyme in English, but it's the gist that matters.

@finlaydag33k Nope, and that one was legionnaire, AFAIK, and it was stationed in the far east of Russia.

@finlaydag33k But we still have Bo啪kov, that's a navy you can trust. A bottle or two and the strongest people get sealegs.

I also know a guy nicknamed "Rumboat". He started a day with a bottle and then he paddled, by himself, faster than everyone else. He's a one-man navy.

@m4iler Bismarck: "Is that boss music I hear?"
Rumboat: "You have come to face me?"

@selea Not the same here, it getting way to crowded here near the sea.

Just dry sneeze as a joke and you will be the only people on the beach for sure.


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