So the whole family now plays pokemon go

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Do you walk from bedroom to kitchen to get berries for your Pokemons? How does it work?
Or did your family rage quitted the quarantine?


The quarantine has not been that strict here in Sweden, people roam the streets alot.

We usually take walks outside

I also walk regularly. My sleepers know that very well.

@selea Google's behaviour modification experiment by Niantic with John Hanke as its CEO, who has lead Google Earth, GMaps and StreetView after Google acquired Keyhole, a company backed by In-Q-Tel, CIA's own venture capital firm.


I am aware of that, but try to explain that to kids that have friends that plays it. ;)


B氓de jag och frugan beh枚ver kompisar d盲r. Vi kanske kan hitta en gemensam l枚sning ;)

@selea Det 盲r inte om枚jligt! Jag spelar sj盲lv inte. yngsta sonen fick mitt konto f枚r tv氓 氓r sedan. Vi fix v盲nner i eftermiddag eller under morgondagen.

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