I wish that plasma mobile worked on the fairphone 2

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Not what I have found, I do hope that I just suck at searching - as always :)

@selea I do love the idea of PostmarketOS, now i regeat selling my Microsoft Lumia 950xl, since there is someone working on PostmarketOS support for that phone. Kinda want to buy 950xl again, only hope the maintainer finds a way to get the camera app working on PostmarketOS, would be ashame to lose the camera quality


Yeah me too!
Oh the 950xl is nice phone! But I think it would only gather dust --- as my 8 other motorola phones lol..

@selea yeah, would be a fun experiment tho. The lumia 950xl was kinda dommed from the start. released with a bad soc (sd 810), Microsoft failing to deliver om promises and Microsoft failing on creating UWP apps and as usual the 3-party devs manags to make better uwp apps the microsoft. I did buy it for the camera. In 2015 android and ios camera was a joke.

@JarlavGrenlandUpir @selea

Seriously...there is someone working on that support?

I actually have one stored away...rarely used and...well... apparently waiting for something like that πŸ˜…πŸ‘


here is the link there are some stuff that are still broken, but worth trying it out and maybe contribute to the project. let me know how it gose for you ;) i really want to know how it is.


I will have a closer look...and report...if there is going to be anything to report. ;)


@:debian:πšœπšŽπš•πšŽπšŠ:trisquel: I thnk the problem with FP2 and postmarketOS is lack of support for hw accelleration, so your performance with plasma/hildon/phosh will be quite bad. BTW. do you know of any FP2 compatible keyboard? I am looking for something small, prefferably attachable on usb or bluetooth to use my phone as pocket temrinal.
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