Alright, I am once again thinking about the ultimate backupsolution for my photos and videos.

- Off grid (solar powered) with batteries
- Water tight case
- A few inches underground
- Far out in the wilderness
- 4G LTE connection
- Few TBs on storage
- Data is backed up via TOR with rclone

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@selea Let's recap reality here for a bit: Disks get old, you're too lazy to go out and dig it up and replace the disks, everything breaks and you end up loosing all your data. :P


I hopefully wont :P


Well, I have backups on 5 different places - this would just make the sixth :P
And I was thinking about using a SSD

What you think about idea of backing printed copies of your photos(You already have 5 digital backups) as the 6th bqckup. I mean yeah, they may be a lot. You choose 500(or 1000) most important. And print them and backup the printed copies.

@selea it isn't that bad, just make sure you have few servers like this that backup each other...
You might would prefer to connect to one of the neighbors WiFi in order to pay less for the internet and maybe get higher speed.
(Over tor it won't be a problem)


I do already actually :)
I just want another location if everything would to hell basically :P And for fun, would make a nice video when I build it

@selea You must either have a really intense threat level or some really good photos and videos.


Na I just have a problem where I think of every possible disaster that can happen, and that is why I tend to make shit so redundant at work so it becomes complicated xD


Also, it is pictures from both my wifes and my childhood, and also basically the entire life of us both :P

Tell me if you need a backdoor to first ship leaving to Mars. @selea

@selea plot twist: data gets lost cus people start nuking one and another : D

@selea I’m curious how much of a weak link the above-ground parts would be. I.e. how likely are solar arrays (and 4g antenna?) to be blocked or damaged.


I know the perfect location where it would not be an issue - middle of a big svamp where there is no trees for 4km in each directions


Well that is why I am looking build a water-tight case, using PVC pipes or something


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