Today, my son started to show real interest in computers and operating systems. I briefly explained how a computer works and that you can run any OS you want on it.
Also explained what Windows was, and he promptly said:
"But I like using Linux, it is better",
I asked him why, and he said:

"I like the penguin"


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@selea Du har sΓ€kert koll, men jag har sett projekt med 7-8-Γ₯ringar som anvΓ€nder Scratch pΓ₯ synnerligen kreativa sΓ€tt. Om det Γ€r sΓ₯ att din sons intresse ligger Γ₯t programmeringshΓ₯llet :)


Jag har installerat det pΓ₯ hans dator sΓ₯klart :) Men jag tΓ€nker inte tvinga det pΓ₯ honom pΓ₯ nΓ₯got sΓ€tt, just nu Γ€r han inne pΓ₯ att pilla med Redstone i Minecraft - det Γ€r en bra start!

@selea one can't argue with that. Seems like his parents got the priorities right :blobfoxthumbsup:

@selea wow, I'm impressed. Mine is 8 but I don't how I could start. Maybe by assembling one of the computer I have around.
Anyway, it sounds like fun. You motivated me. πŸ‘



Maybe you can let your kid chose the distro? I have no idea, but that could help?


@selea YUS! @selea, if you don't mind me saying get all Windows machines out of your life. I did this two years ago and getting HUGE gains. Only regret is I didn't use Linux 20 years ago. Cheers, I'm envious, I hope my children are like your son. The Penguins has always been my favorite hockey team. Simple because I love penguins.


We already have done that :)
Everyone in the family runs Linux since 4 years back. I see no reason to use Windows anymore.

I do however, have a SSD laying around somewhere with a Windows 10 installation, just in case the need would appear for that..


MXLinux actually, he wanted it since it was first place on distrowatch xD

That's so sweet!

Does he play SuperTuxKart?
It's such a great game!

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