wish me luck - moving to debian testing on the pinebook pro

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@selea Good luck.

But i mean it's debian...i think there testing branch is still pretty stable all things considered...
@selea ah well yes that is a key part...hope it goes better for you this time.

@selea har du ocksΓ₯ en pine phone? Har just kΓΆpt en, undrar vilket OS att installera nΓ€r det kommer


Nej tyvΓ€rr! Jag har "bara" en Pinebook Pro - laptopen som Pine64 har.
Jag har dock en Fairphone 2 som jag kΓΆr Ubuntu Touch pΓ₯, funkar finfint!

@selea @shapr least something from my swedish classes from university got stuck in my head πŸ˜…

Good luck πŸ‘
...and let us know the results πŸ˜‡

@selea tell me how it goes. Manjaro is starting to make me itch...


It went very well!
The reason that I started out with Buster is that the installed did not work with testing.

I just changed the sources.list - did the update - and it went well.
Even if Plasma stopped working and got somehow replaced with MATE. I just installed it with tasksel again. And everything was still there.

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