Since I installed the "testing" kernel on my Pinebook Pro - it seems like it no longer has issues with powering off and battery drain.

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@selea How's the experience over-all? I got a $300 Chromebook, but perhaps I should have gone for a Pinebook...


For me - I LOVE IT!
I am running Debian on it, and I think that it does everything well.
I basically only do simple stuff with it, and working quite alot in the CLI.

Browsing is ok too


If I may ask, which version of Debian/Kernel are you running actually?

As far as I saw it, there is the Mrfixit2001 image, the installer by Daniel Thompson and the official installer images.

All with pros and cons.

Would love to switch to Debian, so happy to learn from your experiences.



I am running the testing One from Daniel Thompson,
Cant reallly speak for pros and cons since I have only used this one :)



Thanks, I guess I will have a look later this week.


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