One issue that I have with matrix, and especially the debian package that they have - is that every single config is located in a big .yaml file.
Instead of having a directory where you freely can include configs, and new files can be added during updates.

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Gah, I have no idea what I am writing, but a more modular configuration would absolutely not hurt
A good example is to look how the configuration on mariadb

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Pitched the idea to the creators - and apparently the have support for it already but just not utilizing it.
Hopefully that will change soon :)

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@selea I wrote a program that takes chunks of configs, concatenate them and copy it to the place where it should be:


Hmm, I wonder if they could be useful for me! :D
I do it the special way - I have just created a .deb file for my configs :P

@selea It would also make updating it a lot easier...
Right now if I need to update something, I need to find that specific part in a *huge* file of like what? 1400 lines?...

@selea I’ve had some run ins with YAML files lately. I hope to never see them again.

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