Ok, I need the smallest possible image for the raspberry pi 4 - does anyone here know something about that?

The smallest working image I can get by trimming down raspbian is 350 MB - I would love to have a even smaller one!

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Dietpi with Aarch64 Kernel works greate at my home server. :doge:

@selea if you want raspbian, it'll be hard, but maybe buildroot already fits your needs.

This can shrink down image sizes to less than 10MB depending on your use case

@selea If you can get persistent install of Alpine to work, it might be the smallest one.


Yeah I have thought about that too! It needs to be "kinda" persistent, with only a few prebuilt libs to be present

@selea By default, the rpi alpine install runs from RAM, so when you make a change, you have to commit it to the permanent storage. If you are going to store data there, you will have to create a persistent partition on the sd card and store the data there or try to install alpine it to disk like all normal distros, but I had some problems with it.

@selea Have you tried DietPi? It's command line only, but it's 141MB


I have, but the image itself is like a couple of hundreds of MB :/

@selea Ah, sorry. I've seen the compressed image size πŸ˜…


Is it? I have only found non-persisent images for the rasperry pi 4

@selea The only thing that's different with Alpine is that it runs from the memory. If you want to save any changes you need to run a command.


It does, since it runs for memory and changes is not automatically saved - non-persistent.

@hund @selea
That is not true.
I can recommend alpine, it's absolutely wonderful and easy to work with!:)
I've tested the tutorial with Rpi2B.

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