So, any exclusive creators out there?
I would love to have some gaming stuff on peertube, like "Let's plays" but for Free games like Minetest

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@amolith @selea yes it would be interesting to see a minetest lets play. I tried to get into it, installed some mods, but compared to modded minecraft the world seemed empty and boring and I didnt get how to start with the tech mods. So maybe a lets play can show me how to have fun in Minetest.

@selea I'm still trying to get my server running and then we have 215 episodes of our podcast to put online. Given we have a couple of thousand listeners each week I hope it will help gain a little bit of traction to #Peertube.


Oh that would be cool!
Do you plan to embedd the player in on your site?

@selea Naw. Don't like Docker (mainly because I never use it). Want to run it on CentOS or FreeBSD but I guess I'll have to go the Debian route eventually.

@selea Followed it and ran into trouble.

"message": "relation \"public.Pods\" does not exist",

.. and like 100 lines of more info.

@selea my previous error was due to a old Postgresql. Now I have a even more interesting error:

"message": "Ident authentication failed for user \"peertube\"",

@selea It's an authentication problem between Peertube 1.4.1 and Postgresql 10. Have given rights to DB for the user, set the password, nothing helps. Gonna give up for now.


ofcourse, you should change that to the IP if you are running separate peertube/db servers

@selea However, when trying to do a psql -U peertube -W postgresql does not accept the password for the user. Postgresql hates me.

@selea Same problem. have verified the users access to database, verified the password, no firewall running on the host. I've followed the guide to the letter and still nothing. bah.

@joacim @selea great!! I listen to your podcast sometimes. Looking forward to it!

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