Composing toots in vim is really neat!
The TUI Mastodon Client "Tut" is written by , and if you want to try it out - you can download it here:

@selea Your browser can probably open input field in your editor if you want to compose toots in vim in your browser πŸ™‚

@selea @Wraptile
I tried to do mastodon with Lynx it didn't work. That's why I use a CLI client. Btw can you compose in emacs with that client?


Yeah it is because the web-version is very js dependent. But you can talk to it's API and that is what clients to.

And yes, you can compose your toots with emacs since "tut" is using the $EDITOR variable :)


@selea @Wraptile
The problem I face with the mastodon client Toot is, it doesn't take a second argument. To launch emacs in CLI you need an argument `emacs -nw` instead of `emacs`.

That's why I have configured nano to have emacs like keybinding, and use it to compose toots.

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