Working from bed with the PineBook Pro
on screen: tmux with weechat, lynx and tut (Mastodon terminal client)

@selea Nice, is it stable on Pinebook? I was thinking about using Manjaro on it. I think I need to give it a try. Pinebook just looks so good.


I think it is! I am using it daily and it works really nice!
But ofcourse, if you want the latest software and features - Manjaro is the way to go :)

Apparently you are running toot in the tui mode?
This mode won't start on my debian pc. Any idea or solution maybe?

@selea @hrodnand I have exactly one half of a mind for a PR on the README:


πŸ˜‚...thought it was a many options. I will have a look there then. Thanks.


I completely understand! :D
There is so many things to try out so you dont even know what's real or not! :D

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