Yeah my brain is imploding because I can't understand why that was happening

@selea I don't know which version of Windows is this. I had similar problems on Windows 8.1 for about 1 year . The Wi-Fi network was entering in Schr枚dinger state - some stuff was working, some other stuff was not. Disabling and enabling the network adapter was the quick and dirty workaround. The problems disappeared after installation of some updates.


This is Windows 10 actually, I have never seen this before.
And I connected via ethernet aswell :S

@selea I guess that's just windows being windows => #stupid 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

@selea Possibly rate limiting for ICMP answers on to avoid abuse with forged sender addresses.


To be honest, it does not make any sense :( Why that IP that is on the other side of the atlantic?

@selea Ah, I didn't notice the yet (its outside the preview here). Normally, it should not be routed, and most home router will filter it.

Do you use some VPN and assigned the default route to it?

@selea It happened to me once, and I couldn't understand it. Though it can be a sign of MITM, or you made a ddos on someone and the router's still dizzy a bit.

@selea Quantum computing? You are all addresses and no addresses at the same time 馃榿 :blobrainbow:

@selea the default gateway might tell you that the desy network is not reachable

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