The more I use it - The more I realize that this is the laptop I always wanted!

Thanks @PINE64 for making this possible!

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@selea @PINE64

I hope you'll write a blog post about your experience using it. I'll be looking forward to it.

being interested in that blog post too.

if their 11.6" book would have german or international keyboard i would love to replace my hp x2 which is not fully supported by debian. i have no battery display which leads into hard power off from time to time. :-)

and still hoping somebody makes a riot compatible matrix client for linux phones to be able to use this as daily driver

@redstarfish @PINE64

@selea How many kronor did it end up costing (including import duties etc)? Would like to get one but am unemployed at the moment and would not want to spend too much πŸ™‚.

@selea @PINE64 I was thinking about getting one to use sonicpi on for music. does the performance level seem pretty fitting for that?

@aml @selea if sonicpi is your main use for it, you might want to consider getting a Raspberry Pi. It's considerably cheaper, and powerful enough to use as computer for this. Obviously not as powerful and versatile as the pinebook but it might be work considering.

@Spaceface16518 @selea I've got a pi, but it's running raspbx. I'd imagine with all the peripherals to make a pi travel safe in the same way this laptop is, it'd cost something similar.


That is a very specific question. I have not used sonicpi so I am unable to answer that :(

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