Covid rant 

Some people:

"Buuuut it is just like a normal flu, nothing speciaaaal"

Meanwhile at work:
7 people are sick, 2 people hospitalized.

Normal flu, riight

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Covid rant 

Wait you mean to tell me people who get the flu * don't * get sick?

Covid rant 

My point was that you didn't say anything about the #Coronavirus that separates it from the #flu

Covid rant 

@selea I hope you're OK. Stay healthy!

Covid rant 

@selea in fact, it’s very much *not* like the flu πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Content Warning: Covid, general knowledge on influenza, diagnosis etc. 

@shahaan @seleaCovid, general knowledge on influenza, diagnosis etc.
The general knowledge on diagnosis and classification of deceases makes discussions on this a bit of a minefield as well. As a start the term 'influenza' is not as simple as most people would make it.

Covid rant 

@selea well... tbf... the symptoms and general progression are the same... when looking at the core symptoms, yes, it's nothing more than a flu.

Covid doesn't kill, secondary infections do.
Covid only opens up a path for those secondary infections, just like the flu.

What sets it apart from the flu is that we don't have effective prevention for people at risk.
Those 2 people that got hospitalized would have had a decent chance of getting hospitalized by a flu as well...

Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 

@finlaydag33k @seleaCovid, influenza comparison
That's not quite right, the typical symptoms for SARS is different from any known form of influenza. Secondly the Coronaviridae viruses have a very different immunogenicity to the Orthomyxoviridae. In many people the immune response will be very different. Granted there is a wide variety in both of he families, but there is little the SARS viruses have in common with the human influenza viruses.

As for less mild progress goes they are also very different. While both can lead to shortness of breath and pneumonia, influenza generally doesn't lead to ARDS while SARS has a tendency to do so. COVID-19 also far more often lead to septic shock blood clots, and multi organ failure. More acute problems of influenza on the other hand usually involves dizziness, confusion, chest pain or rashes.

Simple speaking the symptoms are not the same, albeit somewhat similar. Of course some people might not get much symptoms for any of them, though something relevant to this discussion is that one might have a much worse immune-response to one of them but not the other.

Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 

@leth @selea So... because some people develop more serious additional symptoms, the core symptoms aren't the same?
I was talking about the core symptoms, you know, the symptoms most people would get.

Yes, Covid is a lot more "aggressive" than Influenza at causing additional symptoms, but those symptoms rarely (relatively speaking) show up.

Also as a little sitenote: ARDS is caused by a secondary infection.

Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 


Well, "rarely" is sure subjective here. 7 of 10 people at work that got covid, got more serious symptom and 2 got hospitalized.

Companies in the area are experiencing the same.


Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 

@selea @leth A few dozen friends and I all got it (this was before all the measures started taking place tho, somewhere in early March), only 1 of us developed more serious symptoms but was completely fine as well...
Yea, "rarely" is subjective (which is why I also said: "relatively speaking") but most of the people will develop symptoms pretty much like a flu.

Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 

@selea @leth Few dozen refers to around 40-45

Content Warning: Covid, influenza comparison 

Covid, influenza comparison
No the 'Core symptoms' (which is a highly problematic terminology and also concept in diagnosis) are not the same. I pointed that out. Most people will get a different immune-response. Also acute does not necessarily mean uncommon. But as immune-responses tend to vary and generally the more acute symptoms are rarer in both cases. However as we are talking about influenza as a separate symptomatic category then we must also be talking about COVID-19 in that sense and they are by definition different. We can't conflate the common cold with common flu in the same way either. And as a side note most people don't even get the same immuno-response to different forms of influenza viruses, yet the variability in such responses is different form the variability in the SARS viruses.

You also seem to be misusing a lot of medical terminology in general including conflating diagnostic categories, diseases and pathological agents.

And saying just 'Covid' is very ambiguous, I would interpret it as the 'Coronaviridae' family of viruses, that just makes most sense in your sentence.
But that statement is also problematic because it's a comparison between categories that exhibit a wide variety of traits. Especially since Influenza is also very ambiguous in that sentence. I mean both Coronaviridae and Influenza viruses that affect humans differ quite a lot in how infectious they are and in their mortality rate. We have everything from highly pandemic but not that high mortality rate to high mortality rate but luckily not very infectious in both families of viruses. Arguably we know of influenza viruses that goes to the further extreme of high mortality rate and less infectious though, but that isn't really relevant when discussing COVID-19 or comparing it to the common flu.

And there is no conclusive evidence that ARDS is necessarily secondary in COVID-19, in fact there are many indicators that it may in fact be primary just as the pneumonia may be.
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