I have been tasked with setting up a server for my company.
I want it to be easy to maintain and set up. Is it a good idea to use the package that @matrix provides?

Last time I used it, the syntax of the homeserver.yaml change or something, and considering that synapse is using a "HUUUUUUGE" config file instead of many small ones does make it annoying to upgrade if stuff is deprecated or added into the config

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@selea I’ve had no issues with their Debian package myself. ...but that is a bit annoying, yeah. I will say the only time I’ve ever *had* to change the config in the last year was to add email server settings once, and that was pretty clearly noted in their release notes. Otherwise it’s generally been as easy as apt upgrade.


Ah thanks for making that clear!
I forgot to mention that I used their .deb package back in the 0.2x days, so much has probably changed :)

I do hope that the process of using psql has become easier !

@selea yeah. It’s super easy. It takes like 15 minutes to go from nothing to functional federation if you just need a basic/default setup tbh.


That is really awesome,
I did the tedious "set-up-from-scratch" recently, and it took hours and day with all the bridges

@selea nowadays our debian pkgs are as good as a raw installation.


That's very nice to hear :)
Thanks for the great job you are doing! <3


Also, would it be possible to make synapse verify TLSA records of other servers?
I think it would be a nice feature


Why do prefer FreeBSD for it? What advantages does it have compared to Debian?

@selea It is maybe a personal decission, but I love FreeBSD sind V2.11 and have nearly all Servers on it. Slim and easy to manage. Only have a very few servers, like Asterisk, Mastodon on Linux.

All Desktop Workstations, Laptops aso. are on Debian here. Love it for Workplaces.

I'm using the ansible-playbook, and it's awesome. Well documented, well written and follows many good practices like using systemd in combination with docker.

@selea Then that playbook is an awesome way to get started. It works great even without experience with Ansible. :D

We have set our #synapse server up on #Centos. Works fluently and regarding to my admin maintenance has become better over the years sind 2018.


Nice :)
I ran my first server in 2018, and it broke down completely after some update.

Does a matrix provide a rpm package?

As far as I can see, maintenance and stability of synapse has become much better since 2018

@selea @matrix adding up to this, if you need a really easy tutorial you can follow along there's (debian packages are recommended there)


That's really handy! I will keep this :)
I installed synapse from source on my homeserver dedicated to bridges, after I was done I realized how much time it took :P
So I want something really easy so even people with not that much linux-experience can solve stuff

@selea @matrix You may end up better by using the real Debian packages instead of the ones which are using /opt and duplicated libraries. It works fine, by the way. New releases announced on ``

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