Question to everyone who has a small or :

Would you mind posting an image of it?
I am trying to gather some ideas for a future datacenter/hobby house. Would be nice to see all of your ideas and solutions!

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I have 7 computers working non stop, spread through the house. I'll keep an eye here as it's interesting for me as well :D

@joacim @selea ooh, that looks like a dungeon that was built in a mining shaft / cave! 😱

@shine @joacim @selea Coal from the shaft goes straight into the load balancer, it’s awesome!

@shine @selea lol it's an old food cellar so it's naturally cool all year round.

@joacim Outside having to do shorter cable runs, is there a benefit to having the switches on the back?

@finlaydag33k shorter cables means less mess, space in the front of the rack available for shorter units and also makes communication a tiny tiny bit faster.

@selea I'm getting a new rack and a bunch of servers next weekend so it may look different after that... :)


I love how it looks like a bunker!

And nice! Any particular cool servers?

@selea It's like a bunker. Concrete floor, stone walls and stone roof. Back then I had two supermicro servers (dual xeon, 128GB RAM each), a 16 drive FC SAN with 1TB drives, FC switch, 48 port gigabit switch (HP), and some@other stuff. Now I habe one of the Supermicro servers left but not in use. I currently got two Dell R620 with dual (newer) Xeons, 192GB RAM each. I also have a QNAP NAS with eight 2TB drives, a home built FreeNAS box with 8 4TB drives and three SSD's connected.

@selea The FreeNAS box is connected via 10GbE. I also have a HP Microserver with four 2TB drives running FreeNAS hosting backups. It's in another building on my property. Also have a fairly modern Fujitsu server with dual XEONS and 128GB RAM that I don't use at the moment. Dual Edgerouters 8-R for interwebz and various switches from HP and Cisco around the property. Unifi for wifi. Think that's about it. I have run fiber between the buildings on my property because why not.

@selea It's all a bit overkill, I know. I have gotten most if not all of my stuff for free.

@selea I wouldn't mind trading some Xeon stuff for a MicroVAX or an AlphaServer to run VMS on.

@selea I could maybe post some pictures that serve as a cautionary tale against the dangers of computer hoarding.

I guess for this you'd need a special plan with your ISP for fast upload and a static IP? I've been wondering about the possibility of running servers from home recently but have no idea where I would start.


Well, I have 250/250 but dynamic IP. The dynamic IP is solved by having Dynamic DNS with freedns service running and PowerDNS ALIAS records on the same environment.

@selea Here you go :)
Tho the main server (A Dell PE2950) is in the heaterroom for ehm... _obvious reasons_...
This is just the NAS

@selea oh right, it's a tad bit outdated the pic as well.
Removed the black switch on top and moved the white one all the way to the top of the rack

Hi there, on my side it's just a RaspberryPi running #yunohost and having a 1To USB disk πŸ‘

@selea I got a full rack in my basement with a couple r710s of which only one is in use, an appliance my work sells that I bought off ebay, a DIY NAS I built out of a lenovo thinkcentre desktop, a SAS disk storage shelf connected to one of the r710s for more enterprise-adjacent quality storage. I also have a powered off old SPARC box running Solaris 10, but I might get rid of it soon, as Solaris 10 is getting a little old, and it was just to have that architecture on-hand for testing. I am using some netgear 48-port gigabit switches, some monoprice patch panels, and I ran quads of cat6 to most rooms of my house when I bought it, so I have decent wired gigabit networking throughout the house. Imgur album w/ pics:
@selea and sry for the cable gore, I am not good with cable mgmt


Looks like the perfect man-cave!!!!

What do you use the homelab for?

Also, have you tried OmniOS? It is based on IllumOS which is based of OpenSolaris :)

@selea mostly just a shitton of anime tbh. I'm running a minecraft server on the r710 that's powered on. I was gonna make the 2nd one a hypervisor, but I had issues with the revision of motherboard not liking the processors I bought for it, and then when I did a motherboard swap, the ILOM thing started throwing BIOS errors, and I could never get vt-x to work right on it anyways, so I gave up and now it's just taking up space.
The job of the r710 is mostly just to be connected to the SAS RAID array these days, and I plan to eventually hook up the 2nd one I got so I can decommission the DIY one I made years ago finally.
I use KVM/Qemu/libvirt to run a couple VMs on my desktop, but not on any of the things in my rack. And for some reason I can't for the life of me get docker installed properly on Arch, so I've never really messed with that either.

@selea I don't have a recent picture, but it's a couple of GL-inet routers, a intel NUC, a couple of naked raspberry PIs and a QNAP 2 bay nas.

...all mounted on a 5 euro Ikea shoe rack. Pun intended.

@selea media (kodi), docker host for various purposes (nextcloud, gitea, but most importantly home assistant, a home automation hub)

@selea when I built the furniture for our storage room, I planned a space for our home server. Now it’s perfect because noise is controlled and the heat is perfect to keep the pasta and flour dry.

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