Question to everyone who has a small or :

Would you mind posting an image of it?
I am trying to gather some ideas for a future datacenter/hobby house. Would be nice to see all of your ideas and solutions!

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I have 7 computers working non stop, spread through the house. I'll keep an eye here as it's interesting for me as well :D

@joacim @selea ooh, that looks like a dungeon that was built in a mining shaft / cave! 😱

@shine @joacim @selea Coal from the shaft goes straight into the load balancer, it’s awesome!

@shine @selea lol it's an old food cellar so it's naturally cool all year round.

@selea I'm getting a new rack and a bunch of servers next weekend so it may look different after that... :)


I love how it looks like a bunker!

And nice! Any particular cool servers?

@selea It's like a bunker. Concrete floor, stone walls and stone roof. Back then I had two supermicro servers (dual xeon, 128GB RAM each), a 16 drive FC SAN with 1TB drives, FC switch, 48 port gigabit switch (HP), and some@other stuff. Now I habe one of the Supermicro servers left but not in use. I currently got two Dell R620 with dual (newer) Xeons, 192GB RAM each. I also have a QNAP NAS with eight 2TB drives, a home built FreeNAS box with 8 4TB drives and three SSD's connected.

@selea The FreeNAS box is connected via 10GbE. I also have a HP Microserver with four 2TB drives running FreeNAS hosting backups. It's in another building on my property. Also have a fairly modern Fujitsu server with dual XEONS and 128GB RAM that I don't use at the moment. Dual Edgerouters 8-R for interwebz and various switches from HP and Cisco around the property. Unifi for wifi. Think that's about it. I have run fiber between the buildings on my property because why not.

@selea It's all a bit overkill, I know. I have gotten most if not all of my stuff for free.

@selea I wouldn't mind trading some Xeon stuff for a MicroVAX or an AlphaServer to run VMS on.

@selea a compact homelab / work area here, that has to fit in the home office / guest room. Descriptions in captions.

@selea I could maybe post some pictures that serve as a cautionary tale against the dangers of computer hoarding.

I guess for this you'd need a special plan with your ISP for fast upload and a static IP? I've been wondering about the possibility of running servers from home recently but have no idea where I would start.


Well, I have 250/250 but dynamic IP. The dynamic IP is solved by having Dynamic DNS with freedns service running and PowerDNS ALIAS records on the same environment.

@selea Here you go :)
Tho the main server (A Dell PE2950) is in the heaterroom for ehm... _obvious reasons_...
This is just the NAS

@selea oh right, it's a tad bit outdated the pic as well.
Removed the black switch on top and moved the white one all the way to the top of the rack

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