I've got a suggestion!

Would it make sense to embed videos instead of videos on your site?

It would promote decentralized platform, protecting your customers and community members and give you more control.
Would that be a good idea?

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Many of the videos are made by individual community members. Each one of them would need to be convinced to upload to peertube alongside (or instead of) YouTube.

@PINE64 @selea all it takes is 1 to start. Then maybe others will follow.


I understand! :)
And would that be a perfect opportunity to set up peertube into your Pine64 cluster? It sure would be interesting to see how it would work :)


Not at all a fan of the telegram logo, but the others make completely sense!


telegram is just for transition as far as i understand the plan. yes, image is not clear anough about that, since telegram has nothing to do with fediverse

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