I have to find an alternative for my photos and videos, does not work with a large library at all.

And suggestions?

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But I want the features like automatic uploads of photos and videos to be present.

If you it from Synology, then you can automatically upload your photos and videos.
If you built your own, I don't know then.

Speaking of cloud storage.
There is a service called Sia


Sia is something completely different thou, it is more like a storage backend.

But the synology thing seems interesting. I have approx 8 devices that uploads pictures and videos to NC daily

i have > 150k pics and some videos on FreeNAS. Works great.

most images are shot with a DSLR, but on all phones and tablets we have the owncloud client which auto saves all new images to an separated owncloud account which is linked to FreeNAS. so finally all pics are there without manual intervention


It is completely ignored by the client it seems. I have tried with different distros and OS'es too.

Well I see raising the open files limit is already mentioned, but that's just a workaround. If such an error occurs one needs to be sure that at least it's own file handles are properly released. For something that does file syncing the developer stance, ignoring it, is quite weird...


The problem is that increasing the file limit does not make any difference at all :/

@selea I use a Qnap NAS while it's app auto uploads from my phone. I only use nextcloud to share photo selections for a limited time and delete them afterwards.
But then I do almost only take RAW photos with my DSLR. You can actually run nextcloud on a Qnap NAS.


Do you also backup the content of the NAS?

I will check that app out!

@selea I think they prioritize paying customers. How big we talking because I was bout to install but am not going to bother if it doesn't work well.


Well, it is sad that something that essential is not prioritized.
I decided to go with Owncloud when one company asked about a "free and open version of dropbox" How bad was your experience with photos and nextcloud? After hearing about it, looking to give it a try.


It depends how big your collection is! The desktop client has severe problem if you have alot of files synced. Have about 2000 photos and not nearly as many videos. Sync problem will be a deal breaker.

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