@selea Personally I've become "dependent" on having a pointer stick with three buttons below the space key. It's super convenient for me considering I mostly use keyboard but occasionally use the mouse. I've always considered the shift between keyboard and mouse as an input device a rather unpleasant aspect of UX that should be best avoided. But the pointerstick is right there with the keyboard, so I don't need to move my hands much at all.
@Viktor Lindberg @:parabola:πšœπšŽπš•πšŽπšŠ:trisquel: One of the reason I stick to thinkpads. i even disable the touchpad and just use trackpoint. Now even got rid of mouse and got myself usb thinkpad keyboard.


That looks like a nice setup actually, but nothing for me - never got used to the trackpoint.


I dont have a laptop the moment, and I want to complement my Model B "Battleship" with a nice mouse

@selea @muppeth Yeah, the touchpad is pointless, my current main laptop (an X200) doesn't even have one which is great, but otherwise they're not hard to disable. Problem is that I've gotten so used to it now that it feels awkward to use anything else. USB thinkpad keyboards are great, right now I don't really use a desktop at all though. Glad to hear I'm not alone in my addiction though.. πŸ˜€
@Viktor Lindberg Yeah my x200 also didnt have touchpad which was great. I also dont have desktop but conenct my laptop to docking station with external screens, and I was so annoyed with the fact i had to move my hand to a mouse to move around or do simple middle click pastes, I just had to get the usb keybaord. Its freaking awesome. To the point, I take it with me to work too :) (need to convince my work to get me one keyboard too).
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