So has started to offer a free (50GGB maximum traffic).
What does think?

Personally, I have no idea how good namecheap is to protect users data

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@selea Stay away from them. I had one domain bought there and after moving it to another registrar they said I can't delete my account. What's more, I had to contact support to deactivate it and just because they automatically created ssl certificate for the domain I used to own there, they do not want to delete my data in next few years.

Just no.


Well, they are not allowed to delete your data if you have domains from specific tld's.


Registrar is often required to keep data up to 10 years if they resell certain tld's.

@selea they specifically said in e-mail that it's about the ssl cert only


Could be some crappy requirement from Comodo, or they are just crappy :D

I'm pretty sure they just resell rackspace cdn.

@selea I just use the free tier on Cloudflare and it's really good. #mastoadmin


Personally, I prefer not to use cloudflare.
I currently use BunnyCDN and I am very happy with it :)

@selea What use is a CDN service if it's capped at 50GB? It's a bit pointless to get a CDN in the first place if that's all the traffic you get isn't it?
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