@selea I recentIy wrote about this in my blog, and since that also colaborate with Rosetta, but I'm not in any group!


That's awesome!
I think it is a great initiative, and a very great way to help out!

I dont understand spanish, but it looks like you have done a great job explaining how you can get started with BOINC without a GUI on the compute machine!

@selea I explained how to run boinc and join Rosetta project, since I had some issues to run in my openSUSE. Now by night I left my boinc running!


That's really great! More people should contribute to it :)

Also, you should join the Team :D

@selea It feels like you're more hyped about your stats than the purpose of it. ;)

@hund I think what he's saying is look at what we have done with our small team. Come help us do more. @selea
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