The Guix project is looking for donors - both financial but also hardware:

If you have machines left over, please consider to donate them to the Guix project!


I had never heard of Guix before. Always happy to see more distros using things like the Libre Linux kernel.


There is a risk that it could be, but I am 80% sure that it is not ;)
Atleast I hope

@selea believing in diversity is never wrong... looking at the patch, it's a DRAFT and WIP

@selea @igorette I used to joke that GuixSD was the closest thing we had to the fabled "GNU OS", but this would actually make it official.

Stallman would finally have a leg to stand on with the whole GNU/Linux thing, but the Guix guys don't want him around any more. The great irony.

That's really a good news. : )
Is Hurd is stable enough to be used regularly("daily driver")? Btw we already have a free kernel(Linux-libre).
Hopefully Hyperbola will be succesfull in developing the 2nd free kernel(hyperbolaBSD) within 2022.

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