"Team Fediverse!" is now in the top 5% of the teams on Rosetta@home!


Rosetta@home is distributed computing project that aids scientist in the research against diseases. They are putting an extra effort against the covid19 outbreak and anyone with a computer can join in.

Fun fact - Team Fediverse! is crunching data for approx 150 000 credits each day! :D

Top 1% here we come!

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@selea I had to stop my BOINC because my crappy home server's cooling is very... well... crappy. It kept over heating and powering off :(

@selea @mhamzahkhan My contribution is going to be small (I dont have great specs at all), but it is better than nothing.


Does not matter at all!<
Just imagine if everyone just dedicated one core to projects like these :)


@selea @masterofthetiger @mhamzahkhan can you point me to a good resource for getting started with this thing? I couldn't get the control panel to launch on my desktop PC and the CLI is kind of indecipherable for someone new to this.

I've got a Ryzen 3700x that idles for most of the day, plus a low-use server with an i5 4570K that I can throw at this.

@kungtotte If you have docker running on those hosts, it's pretty easy. This command starts the server process: docker run -d --name boinc --net=host --pid=host -v /data/boinc/data:/var/lib/boinc:Z -e TZ=Europe/London -e BOINC_GUI_RPC_PASSWORD="mypassword" -e BOINC_CMD_LINE_OPTIONS="--allow_remote_gui_rpc" boinc/client

Then I used the boinc-client package on Fedora to get the boincmgr, and connect using:

boincmgr -n localhost -p 'mypassword'

@kungtotte You don't have to use docker though, I just prefer keeping everything in containers where possible.

I haven't really looked into how to setup without docker tbh. Maybe someone else can pitch in for that :)

@alciregi I'm actually using podman, I just thought most people would be using docker still :)

@mhamzahkhan @alciregi I don't want to use containers. If I can't cleanly run it without docker I don't want it on my system.


What distro do you use?
I assume that you installed the BOINC-manager from the distros repo?

@masterofthetiger @mhamzahkhan

@selea @masterofthetiger @mhamzahkhan I'm using Void. There's no separate boinc-manager package, there's just a boinc package that includes the manager but it errors out when launching.

I was toying around with this late at night after work though so I was too tired to run down the issues. I'll look into it more this weekend :)


What error-message do you get?
It is easier to manage it via the BOINC-manager, and possible to do it via the CLI also - but the syntax is enormous

@masterofthetiger @mhamzahkhan

@selea @masterofthetiger @mhamzahkhan well, I got it set up on my desktop now. Turns out launching the manager from rofi errors out, but launching it from the command line works perfectly :)

So my Ryzen box is up and running on this, now I just need to figure out CLI usage so I can set it up on my server too :)

I tried to play with that already, but it's still causing my server to over heat. To be honest, it has some hardware problem where it overheats very easily. I've already cleaned out the dust, changed the thermal paste, and even tried new fans but it still powers down randomly, and IPMI logs say it powered down due to temperature.

I have a couple of dedicated servers hosted with OVH. I might set it up on those.

@mhamzahkhan @selea
So did I, I basically dont get what's happening, but computing has started :D

@selea two of my VM's with 4 cores uses only two after a day or two. the third with 4 works 100%.


Yeah I've noticed that too the last days. But considering that rosetta has seen a ten-fold increase of CPU-cores the last week it is quite understandable :P

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