Apologies for the recent perf problems on the matrix.org homeserver thanks to new traffic. However as of 21:30 GMT we've found a new optimisation which has got us back some headroom, and meanwhile sharding work is progressing well. Also, please run your own servers!


Yes, but @matrix should make it easier to find via their website.
They can't complain about overloading when they are not helping people to find other homeservers :)

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At the moment I think they should also encourage Riot to use other homeservers more easily without it being an 'advanced' registration feature. Really noticed this with having my girlfriend's mom install Riot last night.
@lioh @matrix

@Kinetix @matrix @lioh @selea

During that peak load I have noticed in my own homeserver's log, that their push service all the day gives http errors 503, 520 and 429. That means no push notifications for the clients on my server. Could you guys check your logs for such errors?

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