@selea Nice. Looking forward to planting potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes and other things in our green house (aka the house where the deer can't touch our veggies).


Sounds great! I wish I had a greenhouse.. But we ended up buying 4 of those 50L boxes at jula instead.
I should check jalapeno.nu for some cool plants :9

@selea :D

We live out in the country side so we have space (the final frontier...) to grow stuff. Gonna plant tons of corn and potatoes this year. #prepper


Damn, should really awesome :)
Rootfruits and beatroots is awesome prepper food too :D

@selea We grow chili in the green house too. Explosive stuff I'm told.


What kind of peppers?
I have some ordinary jalapeno growing. I have grown peter pepper before, mostly for "the lulz".

@selea Dunno. They are green. My friend Victor is into this stuff and he gave us some seeds. They are strong as hell. He collects most of it when he visits. :) Plants as a service (PAAS) we call it.


You can make pepper spray of it :P That will keep the bugs away from your other plants :D

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