"What?! You dont use Windows at all? How do you even manage to do so?"

"I can't imagine me life without Windows"

"Pff, why are you using Linux? Do you like the 90's look and performance of your PC?

"Oooh you poorfag"

Just some of the reactions I get when I say that neither me or my family use

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I just shove the list of steam games that works, they mostly shut up then xD

@selea Don't publish this info too hard. Steve Ballmer might be knocking at your door soon with a bag of money.

@selea some games won't run on Linux, and some run but with poor performance or lots of bugs, but outside of that my experience is that I have fewer hassles on a daily basis with Linux than I did with Windows.

My wife wants to run Windows on her PC and I'll help her with any issues she has but other than that we're all Linux at home.

Very few things actually require Windows these days.


Those games that does not run is those games I just dont play.
I am glad that more and more stuff "just works" under Linux nowadays :)

@selea "Hah. You don't play games do you?

- Yes I do, when I'm not busy writing one.

- But... You don't play *all* the games you'd like, right?

- If I can't play it, I don't want it."

That wasn't enough to convince them though.

@selea I love it when people act like they're all cool and alternative because they use Apple computers instead.

If they're particularly oblivious they'll even say something like "I don't like Microsoft because it's a big corporate machine that wants to create a monopoly, so I support Apple instead."

> Lawyers in the mid-nineties: "Microsoft is creating a monopoly by packaging a web browser with their operating system!"

> Apple in the mid-nineties: *whistles awkwardly*

@selea People tend to feel attacked when you mention you're using GNU/Linux for some reason. So their natural instincts kicks in and tells them to defend themselves. Strange isn't? I kinda get a little angry when they say thing like 'enjoy a life with out drivers or games or this proprietary software that I know have free alternatives'.
It's the difference in opinion that makes 'OS-enemies'
Just like with every other opinion on earth.
Global warming is real!
NO! I don't care! Cause I don't know!

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