We got a strong team that is assisting against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Soon 300 CPU cores is working for the good cause!


It is rosetta@home. You can participate by using the BOINC-client (same one as SETI@home) and your machine will help out in research by doing computation to scientists.

Basically the network is a huge super computer!

@selea look at mr. moneybags here with spare computing resources!

But seriously - that's an awfully wholesome appliance of the whole crypto mining idea, cool!


how the fuck have crypto mining to do with this?
And no, the 250 cores is not just mine, if you just looked at the picture you could see that there is several members in the team.

@selea I mean the core idea behind mining is pooling of resources for common goal which seems exactly what the OP project is.


Ah, I misunderstood you completely. I took the whole previous took at hostile against the idea and that some people have more servers than others.

The "common goal" could be disputed. BOINC works making research more affordable and therefore making progress for everyone while cryptomining is more or less selfish

@selea there are many purely altruistic crypto projects in fact I'd argue that bitcoin itself is altruistic. "unbanked" people are serious economic and livelihood issue as many can't even get a job without having a bank account. I'm currently stuck without credit card because latest EU rules require new type of authenticator which takes my bank 2 weeks to deliver.

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