It is that time of the year again, I have entered my yearly Eurobeat period.

I love it

@selea Eurobeat is the best. With my headphones on it's great dance music. With my headphones off it's a great way to annoy the hell out of my less-cool friends :-)

@swashberry @selea You are the reason covid19 doesn't sound like such a bad idea after all!


Well, I consider myself lucky because I am not affected by it or know anyone that could be.


@selea @swashberry woosh - I was just having a bash at eurobeats being awful music πŸ˜…

@selea @swashberry maybe if I had a car and lived somewhere that isn't just a big blob of a traffic jam. C+ for effort πŸ˜…


Na just play a game that you like or do some study or work - it gives extra boost! :D

@selea I'm more of a boost my body up with drugs (mostly coffee) and balance it out with lofi hiphop sort of guy:

That being said I've been kinda looking into more electronic music so thanks for some options nevertheless!

I personally do both, usually Lo-Fi lately since it annoys others less when played out loud (specifically my dad...)

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