@selea Probably because nobody maintains it actively
@selea Most GNUsoc users have migrated to either Pleroma or Mastodon by now, I doubt that many users are left on GNUsoc instances.


Well the reason is that it is basically abandoned

@foxhkron @selea i thought by now AP support was merged in to GS. i know i've seen an instance that worked with AP.


Interesting, maybe people are just slow to upgrade their instances


@lain @selea

I don't follow their development to be honest. I only know that one GNUsoc fork had ActivityPub support which was "kinda" working. But I doubt that it has actually been merged into GNUsoc master. (last commit in master was 2 years ago..)
@selea It does but in a fork of it used by 23 instances out of 101.
@selea Yeah it is, it basically took over the gnu.io one for GnuSocial developers.
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