@selea TLDR? These documents make no sense to me...what are they proposing?

As far as I can tell it means that verisign will increase the amount they charge for registration and renewal

@govynnus That's kinda what i figured. What else could it be in a way...Thanks.

I don't currently own a .com domain...there is one i want but will probably never get...


@mgrondin @selea Most of the comments point to a price increase to .com registrations at least. mm.icann.org/pipermail/comment…

@mgrondin @selea Yeah, it's written in a very formal manner, like a Terms of Conditions contract. I get the feeling that @selea suggests to abandon the .com?

@mattiasaxell @mgrondin

No that is not my recommendation. Instead you can give your response to ICANN about this matter and tell them why it is wrong.

@selea I'm paying $8 USD per year for my .com domain. Hopefully that won't change...

@selea I was looking at some TLDs lately and I found a lot of cheap ones, like .club and .tech, but only for the first year. The renewal usually costsaround $10 USD

@ewon_c I have a couple .net and one .pizza those better not ever go up...they are enough as it is...@selea

@mgrondin @selea There are four free TLDs: .tk .nl .ml I forget the last one. On the website dot.tk, no matter what I type in, it’s just not available. Guess there’s no free lunch


Free domains is a haven for spammers and such :)

I am lucky thou, I got a .tech domain for 30USD/10 years last year.


@selea wow that i lucky i just found out about the .sh TLD...all the good ones are taken o fcourse...

@selea you have to go tell me how to find good deals such as this!

@ewon_c @mgrondin @selea hello Ewon, this post appears on my timeline. About gratis domain, how about using OpenNIC's domains such as .libre?

@ademalsasa @selea @mgrondin Very interesting project, as I just learned. Will have to look into the details. I guess there's a way to somehow "proxy" it for people to access. If not possible, simply keep some .libre/.geek domain names will be cool

@ewon_c Out of everything i too. Why would the Federation bot pick this toot to boost... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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