@selea i would like to email my account and have posting ability, or post reading ability, yes


Mail your account, and it get's posted as a toot.
All the replies to that particular toot is being sent over SMTP and you can answer them.

Something like that

@selea I saw something like that in the Friendica settings, but have never tried it. So that would be smtp <-> ActivityPub .

@selea If the purpose is to be able to post stuff on Mastodon via SMTP then my answer is: I hope not.

@selea Well. A email adress usually means spam at some point. So you would get spam in your Mastodon feed. Not good.


Ofcourse mastodon would not accept mail from anyone into your account ;)

@selea Problem is email addresses can easily be spoofed.


There is measures against that.
+ There could be an extra step - it will only post if the message is signed with a specific key

@selea I expect you could roll your own, piping emails into mastodon.py


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