Does anyone know any that is in need of ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.


Thanks :) I am just doing my part with what I can. I wish I could do some code thou

@praveen @selea @kannan @bady @subins2000 @ranjithsiji yeah. We wish be there. Iso is now at


Are you guys behind Keralinux?
If so, would it be possible for you to set up an rsync mirror so I can sync the images (and possibly packages) down?

@praveen @kannan @bady @subins2000 @ranjithsiji

Are you interested to also mirror unofficial repositories? If yes, we'd like you to mirror it is for packages that change so fast that it cannot be supported in normal Debian releases. We started it to support gitlab package in #debian.


Yes! That would be cool!
I am unable to see if it support rsync thou, that is the preferred method to sync the repos.

Would it be possible to enable rsync for it?
meanwhile, I'll join the matrix room :)

@selea nope. Curiosity: any reason Gentoo isn’t mirrored?


I have not thought about it, I will check that out and see if it is needed

@selea Gentoo is, in theory, my favorite distribution. I don’t use though xD

@selea Artix could use some additional mirrors. Some of the current ones have a tendency to timeout at random.


They dont have that many mirrors at the moment, looks like a nice project to help out!

@selea You could ask around on the forum or IRC at #artix on freenode.

@selea VoidLinux would be a great candidate. I use it since years.


I remember that I asked them in a mailing list last year, but I did not get an answer. :)

@selea I don't remember exactly when but they had some problems with a maintainer who left and took all the keys. Maybe you messaged them in the middle of the aftermath?


I don’t use any of these, but:

NixOS - has a really cool update model

Lunar Linux - Source-based distro; not sure if it’s still active

Puppy Linux - small, pre-built images


I have asked Puppy Linux in the past, but there was no interest from their side unfortunately

@selea Just mirrror them all. There must be 2000 linux distros by now. :)

@selea Gentoo? I was also about to start mirroring Calculate Linux (binary-based Gentoo) but I haven't gotten started yet.


I think that Gentoos mirror is quite big? I wonder if I have room for it :P

oh! I really like the fact that Calculate Linux have their own Mastodon, Peertube and Pixelfed instance!

@selea The source mirror requires 550 GiB but the rsync mirror only requires about 2 GiB (as of 2016, so probably double that lol). I'm definitely going to check out Calculate's other accounts though, didn't realize they had those!

maybe this:
"Setting up a Tails BitTorrent or HTTPS mirror helps Tails users downloading it faster and more reliably."

@selea I'd love to have there. The average downspeed I get from them is like 4MB/s and that's way to slow

@selea I'd like to suggest which I run on my RPi with great success. No idea if they are in need of more mirrors tho :)

@selea this powered my crappy eeepc 900 back in the day, so I still have a weak spot for it:



Yeah I used crunchbang back on my EEEpc too :D

Sadly, Bunsenlabs seems to have died - no updates for a while :(

@selea hehe awesome. Yeah it seems they didn't do any updates in a while. Too bad.

@selea Yeah it does! haven't tried it yet, I have to admit. But I'm not really an i3 user atm anyway. It's on the list for a rainy day haha.

@selea @metabever looks like 4 days after your post they finally released Lithium (Debian 10 based)

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