I am still new att writing, I never liked it but it is something that I want to get better at.

I have written about my experience with my new keyboard, I would like to hear your criticism on the post so I can improve myself.

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@selea hi selea, I like this, and I love that you uploaded the video to PeerTube instead of YouTube, and I like the typing sound. Nice!


Thanks :)
Yes, I want to use Peertube for videos like this. Putting them on youtube does not make sense here

I really like the intro and the whole structure of it in general. The only things I would change are a couple small spelling/grammar problems.

Also, nice keyboard!


I was 100% sure that my grammar and spelling was bad :)
I wanted to run is throu a spellchecker but I have none in vim sadly

@selea Mastodon+WriteFreely+PeerTube, you nailed it Mr. Admin! haha

@selea I was listening to a podcast explaining reverse proxy. The guys used Traefik

@selea Yes, traefik is more geared towards Docker container and Kubernate stuff. Nginx is good for traditional apps

@selea nopeπŸ˜‚ will get my hands dirty hopefully over this weekend

@selea Okay... is it because Apache is more mainstream and possibly more documentation and discussions? I want to build my LAMP/LEMP first, at least get an idea of how traditional web server works, and then dive into Containers.


Well, nginx is more mainstream nowadays. But personally I find apache easier to work with as it is more flexible than nginx.

When it comes to being a proxy, it does not really matter what you choose (apache or nginx) because it is just a proxy in this case

@selea thanks a lot for explaining things, really appreciate talking to a real sys πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

@selea Nice write up. Makes me want one of those keyboards but my wife(or kids) would not appreciate the typing sound...

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