Am I the only one that is looking back to the "good old day" with Linux? Like 1999-2004?

I feel like that I am still looking for the same experience, the amazement and journey I had back then as a 9 year old kid.

When it comes to Linux-distros, I have not found "The One" yet, I have kinda settled down with and thats awesome, but I feel like there is something missing.

Maybe I should just change WindowManager this time

The reason I started with Linux in the first place, was so I can impress my 9 year old classmates in school with "I dont use Windows at home!"

But that did not work, because they only reacted like this;

" Windows?"

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So I thought,

"wtf, dont they know about that they use?"
I was baffled, amazed and dissappointed at the same time.

The only one that I could "talk nerdy" to was my brother.
Sadly, I am unable to talk to him today because of religious reasons (not my fault), but I must say that I miss it.

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Atleast, the new job that I started at is like 98% nerds and 2% sales. That's what I like, I kinda feel like the myself when I was 9 again and that is because I am the only one at work that uses Linux at work and only Linux at home.

It is awesome

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@selea I have not be n with Linux since quite as young as you. What kept me on windows was gaming. It's great to have seen much change in the regards. I've been exclusively on Linux for close to 20 years now.

I don't know that I have found the one yet but been with Arch for a while. Wish I could use fully free but gaming is still in my blood. And I share PC with kids. One day

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