Got a new SSD and I am considering reinstalling my PC.
Which distro should I pick?


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I have really considered it, when I tried it a couple of month ago I liked it, but I am a sucker at scheme so I think it would be a waste

@selea there's barely any programming to be done tbf
like the config files tend to be just like simple JSON, except less stupid, and with a very powerful pre-processor

@selea This is a hard comparison, but it is hard to go wrong with Debian.

@selea from your list I would go with Debian but if you'd like to try something different nitrux seems interesting too.


FreeBSD is something I want to convert to, but now when Hyperbola is turning BSD I think it would be cool

@selea Only thing that would keep me from runing most of those is the lack of i do have quite the collection of games...but i would go with Parabola because of it's base on Arch.

Otherwise Pure Arch

@selea I personally keep it simple with Linux Mint, but those are all great choices!


Debian, via MX Linux or antiX. The former with an Xfce DE. The latter with minimal desktop/window manager setups.


I went with a ordinary SATA SSD, I dont have M2 in my old box :)

Kingston A400 1920GB 2.5" SATA


Surprised to find no availability under Amazon or eBay for this size. I did find a purchase site--just under $200 USD. Not bad, considering that was the price for a 60 GB not too many years ago.

Please do post your observations over time: performance and reliability. TIA


Oh, and you can't buy it direct from Kingston--960GB the largest I can buy. Strange. πŸ€”


Well I could go with arch or something that is not even related to debian, that what I was referring to

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