So we have just moved Operationtulip to our new home!

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where to ?

Hope there is no data loss. I've some there :)


@selea Hej. Speaking of Operationtulip, during fossnorth in April, at the freebsd event, I met one of the guys running the service, he was super nice. Unfortunately I cannot recall his name, but was wondering if you knew if he was on Mastodon.


Probably Joakim? I know that he has an account here, but not active :)


Otherwhise, if you want to contact him I can help you :)

@selea @joakimsve Thanks! I think the name rings a bell. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to talk (in English) about Operationtulip and to explain the ethical reasons behind its existence. Seemed like a big hearted person. Say hi from me πŸ˜ƒ


Joakim is a great guy :)
Also, I hope you find use of the service :) (if you use it)


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