@selea I actually used Lavabit briefly before the guy running it shut it down to avoid violating his contract in order to give the US government a backdoor, so I know the guys behind it are at least principled. Hopefully it works out.

Also this could potentially be useful for people who run their own e-mail servers, and I know a few people who do, so handy.

@selea Saw this first a couple years ago. The idea behind it is great, however I don't know how active this project really is.

I'm not sure I like the idea of trying to replace the e-mail protocols we know. I believe that what is missing is better clients. Webmail and encryption entails it's own horrors and paradoxes, but with user clients and SMTP/POP3/IMAP servers we can do just fine in my opinion.

I run my own mail server and have a script that encrypts all incoming mail with my public key, so even unencrypted mail is stored encrypted.

I agree with @patchman

I run my own mail server too, and I'm also writing a new mail server. I'm extending the protocols that are already there and should be backwards compatible.


on the mail server?

Submission and relaying working. Also basic discussion topic support (like discussion lists).

Encryption was working but I'm revamping the network IO to make it robust and compatible with Mirage's Unikernel.

@patchman @selea

I'm very excited about the things I want to make for it and see in email, so yeah it is :)

@patchman @selea

@patchman @selea The protocol is about the meta... You can encrypt the body as much as you like but as long the header is not you will not be protected.

I like the project but it moving on a bit slow I think...

@shellkron @selea
Okay, but meta data can be reduced to From, To and mail server meta data. Which is necessary to deliver the mail.

I must admit that I don't get it.

@patchman @selea Who's talking to who is more important than what they say in the message. Who your contact is. How often you have contact with them can tell a large deal about you.

...and this is the part which Dark Mail want to fix.

Email is not (currently) a secure way of messaging but it could become one.

@shellkron @selea
I still don't get it. One can always snoop at endpoints, but if your mail is transfered wrapped in TLS and encrypted. What more can we do? We need to know where to deliver the mail to.

Anyway thanks for reminding me to make my mail server remove my client IP. No need for anyone to know that.

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