I kinda cringe when people talk about "how we should care about the environment and take responsibility for our childrens future", and blaming "oil companies" for being unethical and cause destruction - while themselves have 0 problem buying new clothes often and refuse to buy second hand stuff.

Don't forget that many of them rush out to buy the newst smart phone each year and probably don't buy well refurbished phones or buy used.

What was it Shakespeare said about consistency?

@selea I cringe about that too, as someone who lives a pretty carbon emission saving life (I think that actually, given the trees I plant I have gone pretty carbon negative) I find those even more cringe

@selea You can find some pretty decent stuff second-hand actually. My current laptop is a 2006 model, but after refurbishment it's surprisingly reliable. Certainly not an amazing gaming PC, but good enough for coding.

Plus its modular bay is compatible with a floppy drive which I legitimately own, so bonus for retro gamers!

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