I thought it would be more easier to deploy powerdns on a anycast network. But I can't get the AXFR/IXFR to work sadly.
And I have no idea why.

I will figure it out soon, but still frustrating anyhow

"Unable to find backend willing to host [DOMAIN] for potential supermaster [IP],"

FUck you pdns


Actually, I should think about setting up a couple of OpenNIC compatible resolvers

Would be cool. We need more OpenNIC servers in the good ol' north.

@selea Is this anycast for your own internal network? I've always wanted to play with anycast but it's a bit boring playing with it just in my home lab.


No, it is deployed all over the world :)
I have never heard about anycast in a homelab actually

@selea @selea Ohh that's cool.
I just wanted to play with anycast, and I have a slightly over the top home lab ( so I played with it in there. I've always wanted to work with interesting networking concepts in production, but never really had the chance.

@selea Unfortunately I had to get rid of the rack recently :(
Though I still have most of the equipment haha.


Sad, but you HAD a rack at home - that is also something that I want :P

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