@selea Thank you for reminding about Trisquel! I should add that the system is completely free if Intel ME is disabled.


That's true!
Intel ME is sadly not disabled on this machine... I guess I can call it 99.9% free?

@selea Oh we wish πŸ™‚ I'm afraid the amount of proprietary code does not correlate with the "freedomness".

@selea This reminds me of what happened to a friend a week or so ago (before Buster). He installed Debian, and somewhere along the line GRUB started reporting Trisquel upon boot. Everywhere in his computer it appears to say he's running Trisquel. He did a lot to the OS, but nothing which would seemingly change it to Trisquel...

@selea unfortunately with Spectre and Meltdown not installing new microcode is dangerous. Not all BIOS have updates. I think Trisquel reneges microcode loading, right?

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