Does anyone here have a HP Proliant ML110 G9?
How much noise does it make?

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What controller do you use?
The controller on the Proliant Microserver G8 is horrible, slow and just hell to use with Linux, is the one you use better?

Erm, I've had it for quite a few years, never had any problems. Docs have long since been chucked. I need to fire them up to check the hardware.

Bearable in a livingroom, but noticeable. They do the usual whooosh when starting, then go a little quieter.

Compared to 1Us they are quiet.

They were definitely intended as departmental servers, so busy office might be more like it.

On the plus side they were/are utterly reliable. I ran both of them for 24/7 for two years. Other than kernel upgrades they never stopped once.


Alright, but with some modifications the noise can be reduced I guess?
Do you know if the PSU's make alot of noise?

Sorry for bombarding you with questions :)

I should think the case fan makes the most noise, followed by the CPU fn. Pretty sure the PSU is a gentle hum, you wouldn't hear it from 1 metre +


I can't express how thankful I am for your answers :)
Thanks you very much!

No probs.
Once you get the 110s look into getting a new case fan. That will mostly solve any noise problem.

I haven't had to do it recently, but this company did wellfor me in the past:


Thank you very much!
I have actually looked at them for this particular purpose!


Also, are they "livingroom silent" or "busy office silent"?
I am considering getting one that will be placed in my living room

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